On Personal Narration

For over a week I’ve struggled to write a new post for this blog. I’d find myself halfway thru an impassioned spiel and then be sidetracked by my personal story. I have several files on my computer that follow this route. Standing in the shower today, it occurred to me that its a story worth telling. The whole Idea here is the pursuit of a Dream. So to understand the Dream, should you not know about the Dreamer? All of the output I have right now is a tale of growth, setback, pain, love and hardship. Its a story of how I became my own hero. After pondering this for a while I have decided to put down the why’s of the who. By knowing where I’ve been, you can better understand where I’m going.

So far this has been a very impersonal account. Our lives and how they relate to our future are just the opposite. I think on all the biographies I have read; I came to know that it is the personal struggles and triumphs that make great leaders. A lofty goal of mine is to be such a man. I’m now working on shining a light on my past. In doing so I will make clear the actions that spurred me to Dream of and desire this work. As nervous as I am about this, I will be unable to continue my chosen path without it.

I am busy breaking down my story from the free form writing that started it. I’m not exactly sure where this will take me, but I’m enjoying the process. Stay tuned.


Oh Israel! Oh Palestine! (A Lament)

I will be dispensing with my usual writing style for this post. It contains personal thoughts and deals with materiel not in keeping with the nature of my blog. However, I am unable to remain mute on this topic.



Names, written in boldface. Where does your mind turn?

Take a minute to think on it.

From a young age I was taught that the greatest thing that I could do is Love my neighbor as myself. I was taught that we are all children of God and that we should treat each other with respect and dignity. I hold these beliefs close to my heart to this day. It has made me into a compassionate and fair minded man. I can not judge a person on what he holds true and have grown by hearing new thoughts. It is what drives me to help where I can. God puts me in situations where He needs my help. For the past several days I have dreamt of these very words. I put a lot of stock in my Dreams. I feel that this is how we organize ourselves and receive intuition. It is how the Divine speaks to us. So as I am feeling called to write this, it is from my Dreams that I take inspiration.

A Lament For Palestine and Israel

Oh Israel! Oh Palestine! Why do you cause your people to suffer? Have you not warred enough? There is so much blood on your hands it drips down and pools at your feet. You rend your garments in outrage, but do not see the stains on them. You use talks of peace to build your arsenals, then lash out with your blood lust. How close have you come to a lasting solution, just to throw it away for more war? Even the might of great nations can not quench your thirsts. Vengeance, you cry. Your vengeance leaves mothers weeping and sons fatherless. Revenge, you cry. Your revenge cuts brothers and sisters to the quick. You destroy the land you claim to love and bury its people under the rubble. You spit upon each others feet. You rejoice at the death of the innocent and cheer for more. How many innocents have you sent to the Father? Do you believe that they are with you? Would they not instead hide their faces from you in shame? Your hatred of one another poisons your hearts and defiles your spirits. You have visited injustice after injustice upon one another and gained only sadness. You brood on the sadness and let it become anger and in your anger you lash out again and again. Who is tied to that whipping post? It is your fathers and mothers, your sons and daughters. The very souls that you claim to defend are bruised, bloody or dead. You beat the drums of war so much that now you are deaf to any other sound. You have become blind to reason and no longer have compassion. Who will unstop your ears and clear your eyes?  Do you listen to the small voice that compels you to desist? No. You keep plowing into the abyss, sweeping your hands across the land in retaliation; Sweeping away your very selves. You are becoming a husk, empty of goodness.  Who will advocate your actions when judgment comes? Who will stand and say you were just? The silence may be deafening. Your people want peace, yet you heed them not. You choose death over life. In so choosing it may culminate in the collapse of your nations.

Rule not by fear, Oh Israel and Palestine! Let go of old hurts and let the wounds finally be healed. Love, time and patience are needed for your recovery. Would you throw a sick man from his bed? Why also keep rousing demons from their slumber? Put them to rest and rest yourselves. Learn to love one another and be comforted in it. Let yours sons and daughters stay innocent, as it pleases God. Do not be wicked to one another. Be meek and gentle instead. Truly listen, as if old friends. Resolve your grievances with decorum. Open your doors and roam amongst each other. See that the living are not so different. Find a purpose that unites you. Lend a hand to one another as a good neighbor would. Cast off the cloak of hatred and intolerance and wear a garment of forgiveness. I cry for you, oh warring nations. The world carries the weight of your peoples sadness. We weep for you. Do not bat away our hand when we reach out to save you. Let us pull you from the water, lest you drown. You peoples need you to lay down your weapons, will you heed their need? Do not leave a legacy of agony and suffering. Do not embrace death. Stay your hands and cool your anger, lest you perish from this earth.

Some History and Thoughts on a Better Future

Our Nation started with Fighting Words and a “Shot heard round the world.”  We at once set a precedent for the World to follow. I am a Son of this Revolution. My ancestor, Mr. Edward Mobley, provided horses and saddles to Col. Jackson’s Corps and to Henry Rogers. It is believed these men fought with Francis Marion, The Swamp Fox. This may not seem like much, but at the time aiding the Rebellion carried a death sentence, usually for the entire family. Had the British come aware of this activity I would not be here today. I have ancestors who fought in the War of 1812 and the Civil War. Again my ancestors came to Our Nation’s aid in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. I am the proud Son of Patriots.

It is this legacy that drives me to reunite Our People. I am an American that believes what my ancestors fought for is still the Ideal. I have watched friends and family claw at each other over political philosophy.  Talking with them individually I have come to see that what Unites Us is great and what Divides Us is minor.

What do we, as Americans, want?

This is the question that We Dream about and wake to. The dawning reality is that Our needs are not being met.  We, The People, desire Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.   We desire Equal Protection under Law, for all Citizens. The People wish to have good work to support themselves and their families. The People crave justice and a fair system of Courts in which to settle Our grievences and interpret Our Laws. We need an advocate in government to make sure We receive the best possible opportunities. Useful education and training plus efficient infrastructure are also key ingredients to a successful Society. Now more than ever We require Fiscal Prudence from Our Government.

Our Founders had a Dream of a new Nation. One which would free the People from tyranny and oppression, not just from the Government, but from the Majority and Minority. Our Constitution is worded in such a way to ensure We are fairly represented and that We can not let the passions of the times cause Our ruin. Some of Our Founders believed that the Tyranny of the Majority was just as dangerous as the Tyranny of kings and queens. We feel that this is a good start, but We still can suffer from a Tyranny of the Minority. If the People are ruled by a small elite, it is the elite’s will that becomes law. We have seen this played out many times in Our Nations history. The most recent are Super-PACs, the Fiscal Cliff and the Budget Ceiling. The parties can not or will not come to a consensus and are failing to protect the People. Shady, unlimited spending by Super-PACs, the Republicans saying No for many years and the looming default on Our debts are all Tyranny of a Minority. The elected officials no longer accurately represent the People and are so tied to their philosophy that they will not participate in reforms. They wield Our Power without conscience or concern for Our well being. We currently are suffering under a Tyranny of the Duopoly.

What Our Nation needs are committed Public Servants. Persons for whom the highest ideal is Liberty. There are still a few around, but more and more they are replaced by ideologues and power grabbers. When one candidate differs so little from the other and neither are desirable We all suffer together.

If We are going to continue to be an ongoing concern We must have bold People stand up for Our Nation.  We must individually find who represents us, know their views, their record and petition for their actions to reflect what serves the People best. It is very easy in this age to gain knowledge. A simple search with your zip code and “congressional district” will tell you much. (Try It!) If you do not start paying attention to who leads you then you are allowing them to play with your life sans supervision. The Consequences are becoming dire for all Americans. So today, spend a few minutes learning about your National representatives and Tomorrow find your states.

They say if you exercise at least 20 minutes three times a week it can keep you healthy. If you budgeted the same time for Our Nation it will go along way in improving Our lot.

We Are The Dreamers. We Are The Idea. We Are The Empowered. We Are The People.

Our Mission and Values

We believe that We are called to make a stand, that Our lives have a greater meaning. We live under an increasingly dysfunctional system that needs the People’s attention. Here is our quest, made plain for you to see.

  1.        We strive to create an atmosphere in Our Nation of reasoned debate and productive compromise. If Our system of government does not serve the People’s needs then it is Our obligation, as the Empowered Rulers, to vote and petition for change.
  2.       We seek to find common  ground where possible, to keep Our Republic strong and moving forward. Divergent views can add value to Our system if all parties are willing to listen and understand.
  3.       We shall be a Moderate Voice in a chaotic calliope of rhetoric and fear mongering. By discussion of the issues We can and must break through the barriers to foster Ideas that aid the People.
  4.       We must dispel the Illusion and create real choices for the People.  A Nation so divided can not continue without implosion.
  5.       We uphold and support the Constitution of the United States and the Amendments there of.  We move to make our Nation a fair and worthy Constitutional Republic. Unconstitutional laws and practices must be fought by the People.
  6.       We will fight inequity and discrimination in government. The 14th Amendment guarantees all Citizens the right to Equal Protection under Law. Justice may be blind, but We see Our rights being abused.
  7.      We believe that Our People should lead by example. Our actions resonate across boarders and oceans. We must be a responsible Light and Vanguard for our Ideals.
  8.       Government must work for the People. If Our systems and institutions are not serving Our needs then they must change or face being discarded and replaced.

Putting the torch to Our heritage is not the answer. Our system is well designed to handle the problems we face. However, if we do not take Our position as the true Rulers of this Republic then we risk becoming a failed State. This is not our Dream or Idea. We have the Power already. Now is the time to wield it. A government can not exist without the consent of the People.

We Are The Dreamers. We Are The Idea. We Are The Empowered. We Are The People.

A Return To Reason

We heard from many loud voices this last election cycle. From the Right and the Left much shouting ensued that diluted the reality of the process.  We as a Society should be more careful in who we listen to. Media corporations are for profit. They will publish what earns them their bread. Politicians are for power and will do much to gain it.

Our desire is to encourage factual and reasoned debate among Our People. We will examine an argument from the Presidential election. Here We saw many half truths and outright dishonesty adhered with scanty and misleading evidence.  We witnessed the two primary political engines deliberately dividing the People. They have much to gain be maintaining the status quo.

The Birth of the Certificate

For Us, President Obama’s right to hold office has been factually cleared. We are intrigued that this rumor has persisted so long, not just on the fringe, but in the main stream. Here is the document in question. We have never seen such scrutiny of a single piece of paper in all Our years dealing with the government. This entire episode appears to have come from anonymous emails during the initial Democratic Party primaries. This started Ad-Hominem attacks against Obama that were picked up by the Republican supporters. Rather than retread the entire argument, We would like to reason the consequences if it had been proved true.

Think on the legislation that has been passed that benefits the People.  The salvation of the American auto industry, the Affordable Care Act and the drive for fiscal prudence that has come with the current administration. We agree that there are occlusions in the material that weaken its structure. Moreover We see that though imperfect, it has a tangible benefit to Us. Without these new laws We would still be acting under a failed laissez fair policy, the likes of which had not existed since Calvin Coolidge. So where would We be as a People if we undid the Obama presidency? If We rescinded all the laws he signed? Imagine the chaos that would follow. He has not just signed unpopular law but also necessary upkeep and reform. Could we honestly just take back all the funds put into the financial, housing and automotive industries? Would we send our defenders back to war?

We ask these questions since they are at the heart of our premise. We need rational and reasonable debate on these issues. In choosing your leaders you must apply logic. If you allow yourself to be consumed by the emotional rhetoric then you are selling yourself and your People short. We must look deeply into the well and see if there is water or just air. The attacks against opponents in both parties reached a new height in turning the People against each other. This election exposed the myriad of problems with our Two Party system.

If the Republicans had been more concerned with the business of the People than controlling the system, they might not be in such distress. If the Democrats had truly engaged them, we might have had better law. Both parties spend cart blanch with no thought of the consequences to Us. The sad knowledge is that it is Our fault. We put them in power and let them run wild with no oversight. They prey on our fears and beliefs to keep us tied up. If you wish to break your bondage you must know that You and your People hold the key to Our prosperity.

If We can not come together and resolve Our issues then how can we expect out lawmakers to do the same?  If We do not cast off the Illusions then we continue to be blind. We call on the Public to lead by example. Engage each other. Learn from the disparate views. You will not always agree but you might find that We are all on the same patch of ground.

   We Are The Dreamers. We Are The Idea. We Are The Empowered. We Are The People.

Illusion Of Choice

The best ideas start with a Dream.  A crystal clear vision that at once provides direction and purpose. From the cloudy ether deep within us, an Idea forms and takes hold.   It is Ideas that create us, direct us and are the pure matter through which our inner self expresses to the world. Ideas can edify or defile us and we can go farther in saying they define us.

So how are we to be defined?

Long have we been defined by left or right, good or bad, red or blue. This all falls short of the truth. By embracing one verses the other we lose our ability to be adaptable.  By being to narrowly focused we become blurry and lost. We put on our rosy glasses and pretend that our lives have no greater meaning beyond our immediate circumstance. In doing so we create for ourselves an illusion. A nice, complacent and even comfortable lie that buffers us from the hard reality of who we are.  It is the Illusion that allows us to be lead down into a perdition of our own device. An Illusion of Choice created for us by those that hunger for prestige and power.  We have become incarcerated in a flawed and rigid belief system.  Strong, yet brittle and sharp; cutting some while defending others. We can not afford to be so divided. We Fail as a society to know, deep within, that power can only be held with permission. By giving tacit permission to a system we loath, it is allowed to grow on our apathy and indifference.

We call not for a clash of arms.

Instead, we call for a return to our foundation. A fading memory of serving the greater good and public trust. In an era of anonymity, we seek to know who is acting and for what purpose. We seek to define the illusion and to know its true face. As one, armed with our pens, let us dismantle the duopoly that governs us and replace it with a body politic that is truly by and for the People. A Republic that is not ruled by fear or wealth, instead by reasoned debate and compromise.
Is this not what our founders held as the ideal?  We, The People, deserve and demand our rights to be fulfilled so that our nation shall not perish but prosper.  You can not hope for enlightened leadership by choosing the lesser evil; So we should not settle, but lead with authority.

For as we go, so goes the world.

Let us then be the voice calling in the wilderness and the light in the darkness of night. Rise and defend our law and customs, yet be flexible so we may change and grow as a society.  By Law, we are all created equal, so how does inequity still thrive? It is past time to take down the smoke and mirrors to deal with our true selves.

This is our dream,  idea and reality.  Put forth for your consideration and debate.

In the coming months we will showcase products, art and literature to help support our push to a true Constitutional Democracy, ruled not by the elite but be the People.

We Are the Dreamers. We Are the Idea. We Are the Empowered. We Are the People.